The hangover...mix done!

The process of mixing is over!
- Our first EP "The hangover" is recorded & mixed. The artwork is also nearly done.
Just waitin' to be pressed. First pressing will probably be available on vinyl on Booze me up/Bones brigade soon.
01. Motörbeer
02. My Mind ( For An Ethylic Koala )
03. Addicted To Frenzy
04. Orgasm’alcohol
05. Stretchin' Your Anus With A Can Between Friends Dosen’t Make You Gay!
06. Cerveza In Vitro
07. Crust As Fuck
08. The Ballad Of Simple Wlad
09. Schet Is Gay
10. 10%
11. Drunk Nazis Must Die ( More Than Others! )
12. Zombie On Beer
13. Hungry For Beer feat. Lemmy (Unmixed & rough bonus track)
- Our first demo will also be available as a split tape w/ Ataque Cardiaco on Booze Me Up / Zombi Attack Distro soon.
More infos on our myspace profile. Cheerz!
Faxe a.k.a. The drunkpack