The Hangover...coming soon

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Crust as Fuck


Beerfest for a Samy birthday !!!

Some zombies continue to grow old !
On 27th June this year, come to a beerfest at the Pixi, Bagnolet to feast with Faxe, Colohm and The grists from hell !!!




FaxE supporting Singapore's WORMROT

Next show :
May 20th 2010, Paris, The Belushi's supporting Wormrot with Desecrator, Insalus and Good morning bleeding city
More infos on : www.myspace.com/faxecust

FaxE's Blogjob is born!

FaxE has got a blog ! Well...great. If you didn't check out our myspace page, here's the deal:

We're 5 dudes playing crust punk. We are french so we stink. We love metal that's why our drummer still uses double kick (move on goddammit you stupid cunt!!!). We love beer. We love vodka, except Samy who is more into bourbon. We love Napalm Death. We love Grub, The Art Of Keeping Silent, Die To Death, Infection and Autist cos some of us used to be or are still involved with these bands. We love drugs. We love Motorhead. We love stupid tatoos like a "skullpint" or a masturbating animal. We love The Toxic Avenger. We love summer 2008 cos this is when we started to play. We love beer. We love Twisted Sister. We love debating about the Transformers movie, pure genius or pure shit? We love vomiting in the middle of a serious conversation. We love machine girl. We love black metal. and we love beer more now than when you first read that we loved beer. And also, the day you came home and found out someone had barfed on your bed, t'was us mate....We love grindcore. We love hanging out at shows in squats sporting our propagandhi/satanic surfers/no fun at all shirts cos we know narrow minded scenesters will think we have no musical culture. We love more beer. We love vodka/pcf. We love Manowar. And finally, we love to drink beer live, so come join us we'll make your night an unforgetable experience if you enjoy the company of drunken smelly dudes.

Also, here are a few bands we shared body fluids with on stage : Yacopsae (Ger), Magrudergrind (Usa), Looking For An Answer (Spa), Blockheads (Fra), Sylvester Staline (Fra), Jesus Cröst (Nl), FUBAR (Nl), Collision (Nl), Antimaster (Mex), Beginning Of The End (UK), Tesa (Ltv), Silard (Ltv), Gore and Carnage (Mex), VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Aus), Chiens (Fra), Hair Color Anomaly (Fra), Pulomonary, Fibrosis (Fra), Atara (Fra), Whoresnation (Fra), Fatal Nunchaku (Fra), Void Head (Fra), ((remote)) (Fra), Grind-O-Matic (Fra), Desecrator (Fra), Grist (Fra), Les Frottis de l'espace (Fra), X-Or (Fra), DDA (Fra), Ayaksvoksom (Fra), Sickbag (fr), Disaster (Fra), Juggernaut (Fra), Lava (Fra), Crossing The Rubicon (Fra), Department Of Correction (Fra), Short Change (Fra), Monsieur Po (Fra), Halal Vegan (Fra), Lobster Killed Me (Fr), Caesarum (Fra), Once And For All (Fra), Pledge Of Silence (Fra) Fishing With Guns (Fra)... So if you're touring europe and want to stop by Paris to join the crew you know what to do...