UNDEAD - a tribute to Disupt

Here is the wonderful cover of the comp'...

Recording process of Faction Disaster will take place this week...
Awesome shit!!!


Downloadable shit Part.III

To d/l this, as usual, deafening live recording @ 2nd edition of the Underground Blast Fest MMXI in Bordeaux just click on or copy/paste the link below...


You fuckers can still d/l our album, The Hangover, on FaxE's bandcamp.
For y'all retarded just click or copy/paste below!!!


FUCK YOU...kindly!


Hommage >>> More grind/crust coming!!!

Guess who's gonna cover a song from this gorgeous 
& cult grind/crust pack from Boston above?
Of course we do!

And this band is..?

More info soon...


-l- SHOT OF NEWZ -l-

Next shows:

02/11/12 @ AmsterDoom

03/11/12 @ Le Kalvaire - Petite-Synthe (59)


The 7" split GruntGrunt/FaxE will be available in black or pink wax 
(very few quantity of the second one!), with incredible inlay and two gorgeous 
nekro gayish artworks!
Expect some trve invisible sandwiches and tons of nose picking.
Stay tuned fuckerz!!!

Bonus (?!?):
Here are our ugly faces! Burp!



Again, we need some help for these upcoming shows...

November 2nd 2012 in Belgium
November 4th 2012 in the north of France

Share & don't hesitate to contact us @ mathieuoudry@gmail.com
on our Facebook page

Cheerz and Thanxxx

Encore une fois, on a besoin d'aide pour ces prochaines dates...

Le 2 Novembre 2012 en Belgique
Le 4 Novembre 2012 dans le Nord de la France

Partagez et n'hésitez pas à nous contacter @ mathieuoudry@gmail.com
sur notre Facebook

Cheerz et merci d'avance !!!


Summer newZ

Grind the nazi scum fest was super cool !
Cheerz to Mario and the whole Frenchpack again !!!

Here is the fun...

Here is our set...

We're glad to welcome Guillaume (Shai mouloud, Brainsuckers) as our new drummer !
Finally !!!

The new line-up is:
Samy & Wlad - Screams
Mouss - Basstard
Gui - Drums
Groug & JsO - Guitars

The FaxEmobile is finally ready to eat the road !!!
Cool stuff !!!
And we got a new head for the guitar comin' soon...
Yeah right !!!

We need some help for these upcoming shows:

November 2nd 2012 in Belgium
November 4th 2012 in the north of France

Share & don't hesitate to contact us @ mathieuoudry@gmail.com

More infos and gigs coming soon...



HATE VS or DIE !!! 7" out soon...

6 brand new crusty tracks recorded below the dark misty moon of Aulney sous bois in the winter anno MMXI
2.Black spiral
3.Nuclear armed dogs
4.Guitar players suck!
5.S.Y.A.W.A.C.B.F.D.M.Y.G pt.II
6.Cripple fight

Out on Douchebag records
More infos soon...

We've got another printing of the "legendary" Mushroom tee shirt coming soon on different gorgeous & funkadelic/phsycho colour tones. So check here: http://faxe.bigcartel.com/ 
It's also coming soon!

All for now. Don't forget to d/l our two "groundbreaking" and "over-produced" collections of  live bootleg in the articles below and again, if you're a drummer...



FAXE (d-beat grind) cherche batteur motivé et disponible sur Paris.

Influences: Tragedy, Genocide SS, Motorhead, Napalm Death, Alpinist, Disfear...

Maitrise du d-beat, blastbeat, double pédale....

Répétition une fois par semaine sur Paris (Liberty Rock)

Projet a venir: Sorti d'un split sur douchebag records et concerts déjà programmés.

Si interessé: mathieuoudry @ hotmail.com


...and you can also check this one !

Crust as fuck & Orgasmalcohol from our first album The hangover available on this.

Next to other great tracks from other cool bands like Department of correction, HKY, Fishing with guns, Colohm, Monsieur Po, etc...

D/L it for free @


FaxE on "Free Aceh punx Vol.2" Mixtape.

"Black Spiral" of our 7" split, "Hate us or die" is available on the Free Aceh punx vol.2 comp.

You can listen to this comp. online @ the following link and check out all the other great bands that took part of it !!!

"THIS MIXTAPE DEDICATE FOR HUMAN RIGHT IN ACEH! On Saturday December 11th 2011, 64punks ranging in age from teenaged to mid 30’s were unfairly arrested at a show in Aceh on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Over 200 punks were at the show in support of a benefit for orphans. After arrest the punks were forced to watch as they and their friends were forcibly stripped of their haircuts. Men and boys had their heads shaved clean and women’s’ hair was cut short in the fashion of a female police officer. The police then forced everyone to take a communal bath in a lake. Indonesia is a predominantly moderate democratic country but Aceh is by far the strictest when it comes to enforcing morality laws. Shariah law is still allowed in Aceh and the deputy mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal has stated she thinks punk is a “social disease”. Many of the punks are not originally from Aceh and came to support the benefit for orphans. Many of the punks are working people and have families to support; some are now at risk of losing their jobs because of this illegal detainment. Not only is this a violation of individual freedoms but it is also an abhorrent and blatant violation of human rights. Currently we are organizing mixed tapes, zines, protests and gigs here in Indonesia in support and to benefit our punk brothers and sisters."